Panache Display…  …now by Morplan

Morplan is delighted to announce the addition of the Panache Display range of mannequins and display accessories to the portfolio of products it offers to UK retailing.  Since the ‘glam’ days of the 1970s, Panache Display has been a lead player in the global fashion business – producing ever-changing looks to set its own trends in mannequin design and visual display – while establishing an enviable reputation for quality as well as creativity.

Suppliers to the retail industry for over 170 years, Morplan has been a trusted partner to countless outlets, providing an extensive range of over 6,000 products – from carrier bags and coat hangers to shopfittings and equipment.  Their existing ranges of mannequins competitively priced between £100 to £300 have been a reasonably priced solution to independent retailers throughout the UK.

 “We are thrilled to be able to add the prestigious Panache brand to our portfolio” says Morplan M.D. Mark Chatterton. “Morplan has always provided good quality products – now we can offer top quality. The collections we now offer, including Jersey Girl, Army Girl, Bloomsbury Set, Nouveau and the new LDN Girls will enable us to offer the best quality mannequins and become a serious contender in the VM market”.

In addition we will continue to offer the highly valued services of rental and refurbishment options on these high end mannequins.

For more information visit www.morplan.com or www.panachedisplay.co.uk