Panache Display was established in the late 1970s by John Hughes, whose experience in finishing and renovating mannequins with the legendary Adel Rootstein and Modreno – was the creative spark for him to set up his own company which became Panache Display.

Initially the company was about skilful and innovative mannequin renovation, but after John hired a sculptor the first Panache mannequin ‘Arizona’ was born. She was to become iconic as one of the first ever flat-footed mannequins. The collection was revolutionary in appearance with a look that personified the 1980’s.

And so the signature Panache style was formed.

Panache made an instant mark on the display world with their first mannequin collection and in 1996 set up a small showroom on Theobalds Road in Islington, London.
Step by step, the business has grown and alongside mannequin renovations Panache now boast a portfolio of own brand mannequin collections. Panache mannequins retain the style and effortless design that was created by the first collection back in the 1980’s.

Today Panache Display supply mannequins to retailers all over the world and with a base firmly in London ensure that every mannequin retains the signature Panache style created for the fast pace fashion industry.