Hiring & Renting Mannequins from Panache Display

1. Hire times

1.1 Three Day Hire. Normal hire period is 9am on start day until 5pm on final day. If you require mannequins over a weekend period, delivery would be on Friday and collection will be by 12pm on following Monday. Please Note – our offices are closed at weekends.
1.2 Weekly Hire. From 9am on the start date to by 5pm on the final day (unless this falls at a weekend when collection will be by 12pm on the following Monday).

2. Delivery

2.1 Delivery will be made as close to the requested time as possible subject to transport and traffic conditions.
2.2 Mannequins will be delivered to the ground floor reception or front entrance of the delivery address only. If the location is to any other part of the delivery address then you must ensure there is help to move the mannequins.

3. Payment

A pro forma invoice will be issued for all confirmed orders. Payment is due in advance of delivery and can be made: –

  • by cheque made payable to Panache Display Ltd,
  • by bank transfer or
  • by credit or debit card by phone.

Mannequins will not be delivered if payment is not received prior to delivery date.

4. Packaging of Mannequins.

Mannequins will be delivered in long bubble body bags with the opening of the bag at the head/ top of the mannequin. The mannequin arms will be individually packed in bubble bags within the mannequin bag. Glass bases come in a square cardboard sleeve with the metal spigot attached to this sleeve. For larger orders bases are normally packaged in sets of 5 and the spigots in a separate bag or box.Mannequins must be returned using the same packaging, without using tape on the mannequin or bags. Mannequins must be put into the body bags feet first with the opening at the head. Any damage to mannequins or bases that are packed incorrectly will incur a charge, see 5.

If mannequins are returned without packaging, the missing packaging will be charged for.

5. Damage (or loss) of mannequins and parts

5.1 Any damage (or loss) to mannequins, bases and packaging is the responsibility of the customer. This includes: –

  • marks on the mannequins that cannot be removed, resulting in the mannequin requiring a re-spray;
  • broken parts;
  • loss of mannequin, parts or packaging (including spigots and bases)
  • damage caused to the mannequin or base if not packaged correctly for transit/collection.

5.2 In case of damage or loss the following charges will be incurred (excluding VAT): –

  • Glass base – £26.50
  • Calf spigot – £24.50
  • Foot spigot – £8.50
  • Star plate – £ 7.50
  • Broken arm – £65.00
  • Broken hand – £23.00
  • Re-spray – £65.00
  • Chips/damage to mannequin – £95.00 (renovation and re-spray)
  • Cost of replacing a whole mannequin
  • Headless £510.00
  • With Head £575.00
  • Any other damage/loss will be costed upon notification
  • Any loss of packaging will be costed upon notification

All damages /losses will be charged by invoice and will be subject to VAT at standard rate.