Abstract Mannequin

The abstract mannequin is based on the human form and proportions, the shape and the sculpture is not realistic and aims to create a non-objective effect. This mannequin is usually without facial features, make up and hair so it appears non-specific and timeless.

Ankle spigot

The metal, upright rod that extend up from the base plate and inserts into the fitting above the mannequins ankle. Suitable for mannequins dressed with hosiery, trousers and shoes.

Articulated forms or mannequins

Forms similar to the wooden artist’s models, with articulated or moveable wooden joints, which can be swiveled or turned in different directions to create a variety of poses.

Bra Form

A female, headless and armless form, which ends just below the bust line or just below the tummy button, Suitable for the display of bras and bikini tops.

Brief form

A Male or female, 3D form that starts at the waist and finishes mid thigh, Suitable for the display of brief’s or boxers.

Bust Form

A headless and limbless form, which runs from the neck to below the hips. It is often made of papier-mâché and covered in fabric. There is usually a fitting on the bottom of the form to receive a rod that may be attached to a base.

Dress Makers Form

A 3D model of a torso used for fitting clothing, which is being designed or sewn. When in construction, the fabric can be placed on the dress form so one can see the drape of the garment, as it would appear on the body.

Egg Head

An abstract sculpture of a head, which is smooth, oval and egg shaped.

Foot Spigot

The short, metal, upright rod that extends up from the base plate and inserts into the matching fitting on the sole of the foot. It supports the mannequin but can interfere with the use of trousers, hosiery and shoes.


A headless mannequin, specifically a 3D representation of a part or parts of the human body, the torso, bust, shoulder to waist, hips to ankles etc.

Glass base plate

The heavy and flat plate of glass, equipped with a metal plate and an extending metal spigot, which is used to support the mannequin.


Two or more mannequins, which are proportioned and posed to work together to create an aesthetically pleasing composition.


A mannequin or form, which ends at the neck. The neck can be cut flat or angled and is sometimes finished with a neck cap.


A 3D representation of the human form that is used to display clothes and shoes.

Make up

Permanent Face and body colouring used to enhance the sculpture of the mannequin

Metal Base

A flat base with an extending upright rod or spigot, which supports the mannequin and keeps it upright.

Neck Cap

The neck cap usually metal, wooden or plastic, finishes off the neck of a headless form.

Paddle Hand

An abstract usually flat, paddle like hand without anatomical details.

Plus size

A larger sized mannequin to represent the curvaceous, fuller figure. This female form wears a size 16 UK dress size and stands at 158cm tall.


A particular way that the mannequin form stands or sits. The relationship between the head, neck, arms, legs and body.

Realistic Mannequin

A 3D sculpted form that resembles a human person in face, pose and proportions.

Semi-Abstract Mannequin

An abstract or highly stylized mannequin, which portrays a human likeness. For example the face could be sculpted with features but no make up is used.

Semi-Realistic Mannequin

A moderately realistic, sculpted mannequin with an indistinctness of the facial features. The wig and make up may look more abstract and less realistic.

Sock Form

3D display legs starting at the feet and ending below the knee. The forms have a high arched in step, with the weight on the ball of the foot. Suitable for the display of socks, stockings and garters.

Three quarter torso

A 3D form or mannequin, which begins at the head or neck, with arms and separated legs, which finish just above the knee. Three quarter torsos can free stand or can be supplied with a rod and base.


A body form, which starts above the waistline and continues down to just below the knees and is used to display, shorts, underwear, swimwear, accessories etc.

Trouser Form

A male or female, 3D form that starts at the waistline and ends at the feet. Suitable for trouser displays, especially denim and also hosiery.


A head of hair used on bald mannequin heads. Usually made from synthetic hair, wigs can be more created and made from yarn, felt, feathers etc.…

Wooden articulated arm

A wooden, jointed mannequin arm with hand, which fits into a shoulder fitting.