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Anything is Possible

From simple repairs to complete transformations, our Renovation Service will breathe new life into your old mannequins.
The result? A beautiful and unique mannequin.

Starting with the basics, we’ll carefully fill in any chips, cracks or dents and then respray the figure in the colour and finish of your choice - whether that be to restore the original look or change it to something completely new. We can finish your mannequin in any RAL colour and three finishes - matt, gloss & metallic. Want or have something unique...we are able to replicate almost any painted effects.

It’s all in the detail

Our make-up artists can create any look from fresh and natural to dramatic and theatrical and are happy to discuss your exact requirements. For the finishing touch, bespoke wigs in any colour or style, handcrafted to fit your mannequin perfectly, are made to your specification.

Bring you mannequin range to life with our Repair and Respray Services

Repairs and Respraying

We can take your existing mannequins, repair if required and refresh so they are kept at the forefront of current trends, ensuring that they have an extended use without the need to purchase new mannequin collections.

We understand the importance of mannequins to your success so our turnaround times are just a week* from collection to delivery.

cracked paintwork
cracked paintwork
damaged hands & feet
damaged hands & feet
chips, scratches & scuffs
chips, scratches & scuffs
Revitalise your range of mannequins with a new finish in any RAL colour

Choice of finishes

We offer an endless selection of finishes that range from standard flesh tones to RAL colours (visit matched in high gloss or matt, or specialist paint finishes which can be supplied. *Please note that turnaround times can vary depending on the nature of your request.

Have your mannequin finished in any RAL colour
Have your mannequin finished in any RAL colour - visit

Wigs and Make-Up

Panache offers a bespoke mannequin wig and make up service - created to your specification. We are able to sample new body colours, wigs and make up combinations to find that perfect combination.

Our wigs are hand made in a London studio or soft wigs offered on or off a buckrum.

As always our team of pananche experts are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Creative hairstyles with amazing wigs
Our wigs are bespoke and made to order
perfect makeup to create the mood
All of our makeup is applied by hand

What Next

Speak to one of our specialist who can discuss your requirements

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Address: 56 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7DF.
Telephone: 020 7636 1887
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Why Panache

We have built on a strong foundation of experience and expertise over the past 40 years in which Panache continues to offer specialist services such as; renovation, repair and respray all ranges of mannequins.

Your mannequins are returned refreshed, updated and kept at the cutting edge of fashion ensuring an extended use without the need to purchase new mannequin collections. To ensure the standards last we return all mannequins with white gloves and touch up paint where appropriate*.

We are able to plan manage multiple projects, from large renovation programs to straightforward repairs to small quantities of mannequins and torso’s. We offer an endless** selection of finishes that range from standard flesh tones to RAL colours finished in either high gloss or matt. Specialist paint finishes are a speciality of ours to which we offer with a consultation with one of our Panache Experts.

*Mannequin care kit is supplied one per order unless requested. **RAL colours can be found here